7 August 1916
Achille Coppens
Quatrieme Escadrille, Belgium
Morning Patrol

So begins my first DiD campaign as Achille Coppens, the younger cousin of Willy Coppens. With the prospect for grand adventure and hearing tails of the sky from Willy (still yet to see combat himself) I have decided to follow in his footsteps. Will beat the trenches, and likely be much more safe I'm thinking.

After flight school I have been assigned to Quatrieme Escadrille (RFC 25) flying the Farman Pusher (F.E.2b). It was my understanding that the Farman was used primarily for recon but much to my surprise our duty roster says "Fighter" (at least at the moment). My first sortie was a Line Patrol heading south near Arras. The Farman is a gentle craft to fly, very forgiving and easy to handle. But I wonder how she will fair against the E.III and this new German Halberstadt craft I have heard about.

My first sortie was fairly uneventful, although we did see two Fokkers tangling with our top cover about a mile ahead of us just as we approached the front line. But by the time we got there the fight was already over, with the Fokkers retreating back across their lines and two of our planes breaking formation to head home. Later we learned that Capt. Lucien Batsleer and his pilot Sgt. Alfons Vanoutryve were seriously wounded but did mangage to get their craft on the ground at a nearby British field.

If we continue in this fighter role I may pursue a transfer to a squad of Nieuports or Strutters where I will feel I have a proper craft for the job of fighting!

Dogfighting is what you do "after" you drop your bombs and blow something up!
Can you say "JABO!" thumbsup