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If you like, you can give me a nationality for your fallen pilot - the country from
which he originates; like Canada or Australia. Also of course for Great Britain.
Then I'll add an according flag to the memorial.

We'll keep Baggins British (plenty of shires), but I was just looking up J.R.R. Tolkien's bio for ideas:

Though born in South Africa, he came to Britain to stay at age 3 (c. 1895). He delayed enlisting until July 1915 to complete his degree and joined the Lancashire Fusiliers. He came to France on June 4, 1916 and is 'currently' participating in the Somme offensive as a signal officer. He will come down with trench fever on October 27 and be invalided to England on November 8 where he'll sit out the rest of the war between hospitals and home garrisons.