The Fee turns pretty well with flat turns, using the rudder. Well enough to take the fight to the enemy at this time. I usually fly them in Bloody April (I just like to make life hard for myself, I guess) and you can get the observer a good shooting position quite easily.

Algernon Didsworth has been injured and will next fly on 7th July (10 days).

A morning patrol over the lines near the Messines ridge saw action when my flight leader dived to attack 3 Eindeckers. It was a fight in even numbers but we had the superior machines, so I had no fear.

My flight leader was involved in a low battle with an Eindecker when the enemy I had singled out dived on him. I followed to stop Lt Noakes from being bounced, got within about 30 yards of the Eindecker and slightly off line and raked his engine until he exploded in the air!

My actions put me low over the lines and a burst of machine gun fire from the ground immediately injured me. I was able to escape and land at Bailleul Assylum, but there is no escaping the near 2 weeks in hospital I now have to face.