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Quick question as I am on my 4th pilot. Everyone's advice is to fly "higher than ordered" or some variation on the same theme. I understand the benefits of that. If we are flying "lead by rank", which means as a Sargent I am playing follow the leader, how do I fly higher than ordered? I am not going to get 5000' above my formation and say bye when the stuff hits the fan. Immersion killer for me because I doubt any pilot chose his own altitude more than once before he was drummed out of the RFC. So, as a lower ranked flyer, how do you get the altitude?

I get my kicks out of being the new guy on the block that has to be good enough and lucky enough to have a little say in my fate, but I have to be good enough and lucky enough 1st. To me that means having to mix it up a little when the chips are down. If there is no advantage in shooting down the enemy, whats the point? If one only has to "survive", then take off, get high, and run like hell when the enemy shows up. I guess that is 2 questions instead of 1.

I hope no one takes this as criticism of DID because it isn't. I am learning a lot from everyone and having a great time to boot. WOFF is a whole different sim to me now than it was a month ago before DID.

I fly about a half mile higher and stay slightly behind, my squad members are idiots. I've seen them fly tree top level just making it over the mountains in Alsace. We are in EIIIs and need all the altitude energy we can muster.

Usually I see them turn direction and flee from any EA. When that happens I can dive down and attack EA, giving them a slighly better chance of living. Last mission they all died....but I didn't. Filed two claims, both rejected...maybe no one left to confirm?

When leading I fly at whatever altitude I prefer, use "shift w" to do away with unwanted waypoints and get to the mission area. Take note of waypoints, print mission brief. Sometimes I go in through the back door avoiding a long flight along the front at low altitude.

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