Dear sir,

One of our newest fliers, Sergeant Abel Wainright was killed today in service of the crown. He led our flight of 6 well over the lines to attack the airfield at Rumbecke. He seemed to experience engine troubles as his craft slowed way down and he quickly lost altitude. We were just 500 feet above the deck at that point as we were only 1/2 mile from our target. Rather than risk capture, Wainright attempted to turn back toward the lines, and due to the lack of power in his engine, he couldn't keep the craft airborne. I couldn't help but note the site of his demise within plain sight of the German airfield, but also a stones throw from the most beautiful French church. The sun seemed to shine down on the wreckage as if to say, he is someplace better now.

Flight Commander TFN 'Teddy' Gerrard