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You brought up a good point there, and my opinion is, that even A-LEVEL pilots should be
allowed to use the "compass gauge", if their plane doesn't provide them with one.

There is no need to use the compass 'aid'. Any good WOFF pilot will do the same as a real pilot did ... use the sun and shadows to know what direction he is flying, or simply watch landmarks. It is quite easy.

Please, lets not tarnish the 'A' settings by dumbing it down; the whole idea of the 'A' group is to have no aids and be as 'full real' as possible.

As always, just my personal opinion.

I understand using shadows and landmarks. When the sun is out. That is what I have been doing in my non DID campaign. I do not use the shadow mod. BUT, the my last mission was in total dark clouds. No shadows, no landmarks, no nothing. I do not care how good you are, real pilot or sim, with no landmarks or sun, you are lost. If being an "A" flyer means not using the compass gauge I will just make sure the plane I have is equipped with one. No problem.
I tried using my hand held compass but no matter which way I turned, it always pointed northeast. biggrin

If I were you, I would have thT compass repared. It is obviouz to me the needle is loose and floating Round yep

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