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Sneaky little devils, those Huns!

Huns, eyh? Yeah - they look like we shouldn't trust them!

Robert, the Roland is a sturdy craft, and I often see my wingmates flying them like scouts.
They boom and zoom up and down like wasps. Well, I also have 5 victories on this craft yet.
The downward view is real bad. But I am glad I have this craft - I'll stick with it, until
the Halberstadt - or even better: the Albatros - arrives.

Olham; I just took a spin in a Roland. It's a little heavy handed from what I am used to but quite maneuverable and stable in a stall. You are correct about the downward view. The cut-out wings help but not a lot. It must be hard to track an enemy plane if it is forward of you and drops below your nose. The most difficult part for me was landing. I was able to judge my distance from the ground but with no forward view, I had no idea how close to the runway I was. It was terribly frightening and I wanted to jump up on the wing and look over the top!! I could see how you could easily touch down too soon or overshoot the runway. How are you managing it and what was your first opinion on landings?

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