Intelligence officer Oberleutnant Heinrich Schredder reads a snippet of info, which was intercepted
on the way to a WW I aviation forum:
Originally Posted By: corsaire31
Still grounded by lack of planes and a three day week end as from tomorrow. Probably no flight until Monday...
( and Mrs Corsaire will be on holiday for three weeks starting Monday, so we will be away for some time during these weeks )...

"Mmuahahahahaaa!!!" he laughs in a most alarming way;
"Zatt vill enjoy General Hoeppner! Der Englishman Ackworth and der whole RNAS-4
arr not operational ant vill remain grounded until Monday att leaszt?
Vee vill bomb zem back to stone age!"

Unteroffizier Meyer, who is just writing orders with three copies each, dares to mutter:
"Buttt vee hav ze same problemz, Herr Oberleutnant. Moszt units hav to stay grounded."

"Vott?!? No planez? Bleech! Vee muszt telegraph to der OBD zenn - zey muszt deliver der promised Zeppelins!"

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