Aug. 9
Flight Lt. Edward Eastwood.
Dawn Patrol. After our disaster if a mission on the 7th, we are able to put 3 machines in the air. Recon mission SSW of Lille. Escorts are 5 DH2's from RFC29. Over recon area I turn just in time to see the Huns diving out of the sun at our escorts and the sky was filled with fighting planes. They are between us and our lines so we continue our Recon while keeping an eye on the fight and surrounding sky. We finish our recon and head back over the lines. 3 of the escorts form back up on us for the flight back home. I hope they did not have to pay too high a price for our hides. My new flight members, Boyd and Hill show promise as they kept station through it all. If I meet the chaps from 29 the drinks are on me.

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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