Lt.Edward Eastwood
RNAS4, Aug. 16, 1916
Flight Commander Halifax transferred in today bringing us up to a full compliment of pilots. What we need now is planes as we only have 3.
Dawn patrol: 2 machines in A flight and I make up B flight by myself. Recon mission west of Messines. Flight to recon area uneventfull. As I turn to head home 6 machines come out of the clouds close enough that I can see they are EIII's. Dove into a cloud and played hide and seek in the clouds making it back over the mud but noticed one EIII and now a Roland still there and the Roland is gaining fast! I fire fleeting bursts at both during a spicy dance and finally get altitude on the Roland. As I turn to dive on him he goes into a spin and does not recover. Must have scored a lucky hit. About that time Capt. Drury opens up and the EIII is making his pass. I hear bullets striking my machine but nothing vital is hit. He makes one pass and makes for home. Being on our side of the lines I pursue and quickly get close enough for a distant shot. I fire two or three short bursts and he turns over and spins to the earth. I will take lucky over good any day. Returning to base I learn Hill will be claiming one himself. It will take a day to repair my machine so we are grounded again. That's fine with me as I can see this will not be over for a while.

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