Benjamin Bloodworth: June 18, Morning Mission.
Rail yard Bombing. 5 planes, 3 Escorts.

Mission to target was easy with no enemy sighted. After dropping our load we turned to head home and while forming up 5 EA came screaming down on us. 2 of our flight panicked and collided and then all hell broke loose. I headed west with 2 EA on my tail. By weaving slightly and pulling the nose up a bit to give by gunner some shooting lanes he finally drove them off but not before we had a plane full of holes. Luckily nothing vital was hit and we landed back at the field alone. As I sat in my bullet ridden crate pondering my fate we were told that everyone but us was killed but that high command had reported "Well done." And, "Oh yea Sgt., your transfer is approved, better pack your bags, a truck is ready to take you to your new home. I bid my gunner farewell and was in the truck in 20 minutes.

Arriving at No 24 squadron I was told that I was to lead the afternoon flight! These chaps don't fool around. We took off on a Recon mission of the front. Southwest of Arras we were attacked by 3 EA and I sent a green colored single wing devil to hell and watched him crash into a trench. We all arrived safely back at base and I have to say I am in very good spirits!

Never approach a bull from the front, a horse from the rear or a fool from either end.
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