My first pilot has fallen.

For my art obs job with a single Roland C.II, I had 3 escorting Eindeckers, one even flown
by Manfred von Richthofen - but when our course came close to our field again after the
climbing phase, they drove off - to land, as I should realise quite soon.
And we hadn't even been to the front sector.

Now I found myself alone with 2 Nieuports approaching.
I went into a steady dive back to our field, where I found my 3 escorts circling for the landing -
which meant, that they couldn't help me anymore.
While my gunner didn't achieve much (despite me flying quite steady), the 2 Nupes shot us up,
until my craft caught fire and crashed.
And that was the end of Andreas Harms.

My next pilot, Bernhard Harms, will definitely NOT fly in a hotspot zone again -
I think the Alsace should just be fine.

Vice-President of the BOC (Barmy OFFers Club)
Member of the 'Albatros Aviators Club' - "We know how to die with Style!"