Oh wow, I'm not just alive but I have a medal as well! Well I do have 3 victories and (almost) 25 hours. I now have to go and fly the strutter with 70 RFC and we shall see what happens .... First I have to sew the ribbon on my pyjamas.

And Lou gets it right because as a Sergeant I could not get an MC (or in 1918 a DFC) as only orficers got those. They changed the rules a couple of years ago and scrapped the MM DFM AFM and GM. Now everybody gets the cross (but not retroactively). Some of the best RAF pilots got the DFM before getting commissioned. Lacey, Kingaby for example.

The VC was the odd man out in that all ranks could get it if they were courageous and lucky and mad enough.

BTW Lou's job is much harder than mine because I take NO decisions - I just produce charts on what you pilots send to me.

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