I have been negligent in filling my diary so here is what has been happening since my arrival at Coudekerque Aerodrome.

Albert Ward career with RNAS-5 based at Coudekerque Aerodrome flying Sopwith 1 Strutters.

14 Jul 1916 @ 08h16 Artillery Spotting North of Diksmuide

Arrived early today at my assigned aerodrome Coudekerque. On the drive in I noticed a nice sized woodlot just north of the base and since it had been raining as of late, I decided to take a walk there to see if I could find some mushrooms to take to camp. I lucked out and found a nice crop of Chanterelles in a beech grove. I will have a nice feast for breakfast when we get to base. Unfortunately I had to leave them in my room because as soon as I arrived I was informed I would be on a mission and had to suit up.

Soar led the flight with Booker, Hill, myself, and Huskisson accompanying.
A flight sent five with us for support. The mission was successful with no Hun machines encountered. Back at base I took the mushrooms to the mess and shared them with the chaps there. Now they call me Mushroom for short. Geez

14 Jul 1916 @ 16h52 Reconnaisance North of Diksmuide.

Booker led the flight with Hervey, Hill and myself accompanying.
A flight sent five with us for support. The mission was succesful with no Hun machines encountered.

15 Jul 1916 @ 06h32 Recon over our lines North of Diksmuide.

Osborne leading with Parsons, Shook, Soar, myself, and Chadwick accompanying..
Mission successful, no enemy encountered..

15 Jul 1916 @ 14h55 Artillery Spotting North of Diksmuide

Mesurier leading with Parsons, Shook, myself, and Chadwick accompanying.
A flight sent 3 with us for support up to the lines. The mission was successful with no Hun machines encountered.

16 Jul 1916 @ 05h10 Bombing mission to Rumbeke Aerodrome.

Soar lead the flight with Booker, Shook, Hill, myself, and Chadwick..
Shook, Booker, Huskisson and Chadwick from A flight flying top cover.
Mission was successful, we had 4 ground target hits.
Shook shot down 2 EIIIs, and I shot down 1 EIII and a Hun sausage before crossing the lines.
All Strutters made it back to base but Soar, Booker, and Myself had light damage, but none of us were injured.
The boys are asking for more mushrooms! Shook told me to harvest a couple of bottles of Cognac as well while I am out in the woods this evening. I told him next time we go to town!

16 Jul 1916 @ 14h28 Artillery Spotting East of Ypres

Mesurier lead the flight with Booker, myself, Huskisson, and Chadwick accompanying.
We had two escorting DH.2 from RFC-29.
As we approached the lines Mesurier signalled with wagging wings of enemy close by below and ahead of us and then he began an attack approach. We had quite a scramble and I managed to cause an EIII to smoke but in the melee one of the others put quite a few rounds into my port wing. We managed to drive them off with only one kill going to Mesurier. The mission Arty Spotting was again taken up and completed successfully.
All of us made it back to base successfully.

YouTube Video:

Well, I think I made all the mistakes on this mission. Not concentrating on being steady with my shooting, overshooting enemy target and offering him a good shot, Not effectively checking my six (difficult at best with gunner behind you, Loosing contact with my mates and spending way too much time trying to find them when I should have gone directly home...

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