Jim, flying in WOFF definitely IS harder than flying in OFF.
The FMs have been changed, and the AI is more intelligent.

As for the flying of the DH-2, RAF_Louvert should have some more detailed advice for you.
From what I remember, it went best to

- use rudder only in gentle, wider turns, when the craft is not banked very much
- use the elevator (and NO rudder!) in tight turns

But mind you: tight turns should only be performed with good "energy" (forward speed).
You should always pick up some forward energy by diving, then perform the tight turn.
The tight turn = bank craft hard, then pull the stick (elevator up).
For a tight turn in a climb you need A LOT of energy from a previous dive - better
try that out without enemy aircraft around.

So, simply: gentle turns = rudder; tight turns = bank hard and elevator up (and care for your energy).

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