well, I'm flying the Be2 and my butt has been handed to me twice now by EIII's. Its cause I cant fire forwards and the gunners arc is very small, so small that the Hun gets a perfect shot on me. I have noticed that if you can hit an EIII smack on the nose at long range they do tend to turn away and call it a day.

Flying aircraft like the pup or sopwith strutter is just tooo easy, my opinion. Perhaps this should of been run a little differenty in that you start as a gunner (5hrs) then as the pilot (5hrs) and then go to scouts. The link to the old DID is still working and there it was 17 hrs as a 2 seater pilot before being excepted for scout training. I'm not sure of the policy the Huns used as to who went where unit wise, but it seems the RFC ones went to a depo in France, like St.Pol, and it was more of a lottery as to which unit you ended up with. Maybe a random start could do this in the future.

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