Raf Louvert said: "I have never liked using victories as a way of judging success in a WWI combat flight sim campaign as it generally proves very little and eventually leads to issues, just as it is here. Our RL counterparts were flying to gather information, range guns, and attack ground targets. Shooting at each other while flying simply evolved out of the primary roles. I've always felt there should be far more importance placed on completing missions and staying alive than on kills, and scoring should be set to reflect that."

I see you agree with Lord Trenchard, the post-war saviour of the RAF. The French invented 'aces' and the Germans made much in their media of successful pilots. The RFC was against the hero worship of any pilot, thinking it detracted from the other guys who risked their lives doing reconaissance which was what the Army needed.

As was written in one recent book "War Story"? if a soldier really wanted to kill the enemy he should join the machine-gun corps.

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