Sgt. Bilbo Baggins, RFC 70
July 4, 1916

Very brief notes since I was honestly too surprised to take them.

A patrol of 4 Strutters went to patrol the front lines. We arrived without incident. While sitting there, our leader suddenly broke away. I followed, and it seemed like he was picking a fight with three Eindeckers. Fun!

The fight itself was easy enough. I took care of one of them pretty quickly - I think I was lucky and hurt the pilot. The second required an extensive campaign to get him to fly into the ground.

That's when my companions more or less left, and the three Rolands showed up.

I made a fair show of it, but they got off several decent shots injuring 'me.' My observer managed to shoot one of them down as we fled for our lives. The Rolands pursued us to the front line then turned back.

I am out til July 9 with heavy bleeding. I reported 3 kills, which per rules translates to 1 'confirmed.'

While I'm at it I'm going to take the One Ring in for repairs. The guy I bought it from promised me it'd make my plane invisible!