Augustus Snodgrass
Sgt, Rfc
70 Sgn.

Went on 2 hops today.

A.M. Flew in 8 a/c flight down Arras. Results: B flight no contact. A flight seemed to run afoul of the Huns and lost 2 a/c. Huns ?

P.M. Went over to Bray 7 a/c. A flight (3 a/c) got into a furball low level with 2 fokkers. I spotted a Bandit Train 5 a/c climbing towards us off to their side of the lines. Flying smart, B flight (4) headed home. Out of nowhere 2 fokkers fell on our six as 3 more climbed under us. Scattering, the Meat Grinder began down to the deck. Pot shots were made every where and at everyone . My backseater may have got one. after I made the firing head on attack. I ran for it and landed at Chiplly AF to check damage on a/c. The Sqn had 3 damaged + 1 wnd Gunner on this one. Claimed 1 Fokker.

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