Ace Snodgrass
2LT, Rfc
70 Sgn.

7 Aug 16.

Floated like Butterflies then Stung like Bees on the 1401 Armed Recon Flight to Loos.

WX. Broken at 3000ft clear on top at 6000ft. Vis unlimited.

Claims 4 out of 5 Fokkers encountered.

Remarks: B Flight 3 a/c attacked 5 Fokkers over NML near Loos. Nasty Tight turning fight amid Archie bursts.
did a 180 to the far side of the formation and engaged while the Hun flight was breaking up. Shot at all then settled on the number 4 got hits. Spotted My Wing-man smoking one off to the lower left b ut did not see crash due to 2 fighters on my six.
Corkscrewed then ran My Rear gunner got one. Crossing the lines Archie got one the right wing just fluttered down. Even Archie can get lucky. Landed at Buary to check overstressed a/c wires. Never did spot Top Cover,s 3 A/c LMF flight that was assigned to the flight.

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