Sub Flight Ltn. Edward Eastwood
RNAS 5, Aug. 1st
Dawn Patrol: Railyard Bombing near Lens. 4 Machines. 3 DH2 escorts from 29 Sqd. Made it to target without incident. Just before target Turner turns and dives toward them. I drop my eggs as we were over the lines and follow. Sent one down in flames. Ashford got another. I headed home and on my return was told the rail yard sustained damage. Good Job! Someone bombed it but not me.

Afternoon Patrol: 6 machines, 3 escorts. Recy mission near Diksmuide. Must be important to send the whole damned squadron! At patrol area everyone dives on 4 EIII's below us. No way I am getting into that furball. When the circus is over 4 of us form back up and we continue mission and head home. Poor Ashford and his Obs. Wade didn't make it but not before sending one of the Huns to his grave.

Aug. 2nd.
Dawn Patrol. Flt. Ltn. Marshall and myself are tasked with Arty spotting. 6 Nieuports as escort. No contact at all but CO. says we must give it another go.
Evening Patrol. 3 machines. No escorts. Same as this morning. No contact, which was fine with me.

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