I was able to fly one mission today. It was a bombing attack deep behind enemy lines, so I knew what was going to happen even before we started. Three of our Aviatiks with no escorts (the only planes available to MFFA 2).

We took off without problems and headed to the front. I was leading the formation, because none of the pilot officers in the Abteilung have managed to live longer than a day or two. Just as we had crossed the enemy lines quite close to the North Sea I spotted some German flak bursts at 9 o'clock and somewhat below our formation. Soon a flight of DH.2s became visible - four of them. I immediatedly gave to order to abandon the mission and return to base, but becase the Aviatiks are extremely slow, it didn't take long for the Aircos to catch us.

The result was the usual slaughter - all of the Aviatiks shot down, except mine. I saved my butt by quickly diving down while the Aircos were busy killing the others. Two of the EA followed me all the way to Nieuwmunster, but didn't attack as I was flying at such a low altitude. They turned away only when the machine guns at Nieuwmunster opened fire at them.

I can fly again on July 11 when a couple of replacement pilots and machines will arrive.

To be honest, I'm not sure WOFF is even supposed to be played as a German two-seater pilot in a squadron flying Aviatiks in North Flanders in the summer of 1916. There are so many Entente fighters everywhere that most of the time I can't even get close to the lines before we're attacked. And when they attack, it always means total destruction. MFFA 2 has been wiped out so many times now that I've lost count. I haven't been looking for trouble, but the enemy aircraft simply can't be avoided.

It seems I can save my pilot by diving down like a Stuka and then flying just above the ground like an Apache Longbow. It'll be interesting to see how just long my good luck lasts!

"Upon my word I've had as much excitement on a car as in the air, especially since the R.F.C. have had women drivers."

James McCudden, Five Years in the Royal Flying Corps