Lou, I see: you witness exactly the same phenomena as me!
We may yet be laughed about; people may say we're strange, or label us as oddballs.
But I KNOW: one day MANY will see this with their own eyes, and THEN they'll know!


MudWasp, all those blinking lights and flourescent stuff, is that
for you to find these things again - or for the others to find you,
when you got lost?

Hasse, when I planned the campaign, I asked Shredward about hotter and quieter zones,
and I also researched myself, and we came up with pretty much the same charts. Only later I
realised (from yours and others' reports), that the north of Flanders is not any quieter in
WOFF than the south. Sorry for that - but the north will become a hotspot some time, while
the south will go medium - I hope you live long enough to see that!
You are almost at the 25 hour mark - you are a Marineflieger-Hero!

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