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Sehr geehrte Frau Gaertner,

das Kriegsministerium und die kaiserliche Familie bedauert Ihnen mitteilen zu müssen,

das Ihr Sohn

Anton Gaertner

am 19. 7. 1916 gefallen ist. Leider können wir Ihnen keine näheren Umstände zu seinem Tod mitteilen.


Der Kriegsminister

In short, A Gaertner died after 32 min of flight, over the designated area, as he was told to spot enemy artillery on a solo mission in his Roland cII. He was jumped by a single N11. Observer didnt hit the braodside of a barn, locked the MG, so the Brit just had plenty of time, ventilating me. Crashed in to the frontline, died, my Observer survived.

Ok Anton, I got your capture and you have been added to the list of 'Dead' pilots. Just join in as a first name 'B' pilot and have another go. Remember that you can join as any nationality and difficulty level. Best of luck!

ps. I don't do solo missions as they are suicide skullhead

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