Carl von Fisk
SS 27b
August 1, 1916


So, having given Herr von Fisk the week off while practicing 'A' flying in a Strutter, I decided to take him up and see how we did. I was nervous about using 'A' rules with him since I don't have nearly as much faith in a Roland as a Strutter, but hey. You only die once.

Anyway, flight rules didn't end up being the problem.

Once more it was me and Leutnant Geigl, he of the many observers. We took off and begin riding northeast to gain altitude.

At this point I noticed I was on the verge of running him down, so idled my engine and dipped below him. I immediately looked up as I didn't want to lose sight of him.

That's when he dropped into me.

It happened in slow motion, and I was too stunned and/or outraged to try to dodge. He simply dropped altitude and sailed right into me.

I hate you too, buddy.

So ends Carl von Fisk, his observer, and Geigl's observer. Geigl, of course, simply brushes off his flight jacket and catches a ride back to base.