Offzstv. Bernhard Harms, Kasta 18, Pronville, 2. August 1916

Yesterday's afternoon sortie went fine - we reached the lines totally unmolested and
took our photographs and made notes about the trench systems at Athies, east of Arras.
We didn't see a single Englishman.
I was wondering why, but Lt. Leber seemed to know. "It was 15:30 h - that must be the
Englishmen's tea time!" Sounded believeable to me - we should always fly at half past
three then!

This morning, we made our observations at Mercatel, south of Arras. I lead our flight
of three Rolands. Approaching the lines, I spotted 5 specs over the area and so I led
my flight south and into some light clouds. We approached Merctael from the south now,
while our specs were 3-4 kilometers north of Arras.
We could just grab our informations, when they returned, flying south along the lines.
Our Flak fired some black puffs to warn us, and I went into a fast descend towards
Pronville. When we dive, we are faster than any Nieuport, but these guys followed us
all the way back to our field, where they received a "warm reception" - our Flak and
machine guns all fired after them.
Lt. Leber should have been the last to land, but since two of our three persecutors
had turned and run back to the lines by now, Leber turned and engaged the last N 16!
Immediately the guy turned round and ran after his comrades - he didn't seem to have
expected such a cheekiness from a two-seater pilot!

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