The continuing career of Albert "Mushroom" Ward:

18 Aug 1916 @ 06h17 Recon of troop and vehicle movement over the lines east of Armentieres.

Escort of 4 DH.2s from RFC-29 out of Abeele.

I lead the flight with Soar, Parsons, Booker and Hervey accompanying. A flight sent Mesurier and Huskisson to follow up. We had rain and dense cloud from 6000 to 7000 ft. with breaks between 7000 and 8000 ft. The flight to the lines was quiet if somewhat wet.
Im sure glad I brought my flask of hot coffee with me. We circled the recon area and shortly after I spotted an EIII below trying to climb up to get into position on us. I broke formation and attacked him sending several volleys into him and forcing him down. I returned to circling and climbing back up to my mates and no sooner regained altitude than I discovered either the same pesky EIII or a different one moving in on me. This one I also attacked and sent him down with his engine smoking. I returned to altitude with my mates and finished the recon. When I got back to base we all discussed the events and Soar indicated that there were two EIIIs. He saw the second one I attacked go down and he had also engaged the first one with some hits but it got away. I put in a claim but since we were over the lines I doubt it will be confirmed unless our troops saw it.

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18 Aug 1916 @ Artillery spotting for shot fall and troop movement south of Diksmuide

I lead the flight with Sheely accompanying. A flight sent Soar, Mesurier and Hervey to follow separately. We had towering cumulous from 4000 to 5000 ft. The flight was uneventful with no sign of Hun aircraft, but Sheely had to drop out half way to the recon area due to engine trouble. He made a landing at Furnes. I returned to base successfully and upon arrival I was informed that my two claims from the afternoon of the 17th and the morning of the 18th had been confirmed. I now have a total of 23 victories over the Huns.

We celebrated in the mess and Sheely arrived in time to join us. His aircraft will be out of service for 2 days but we have spares available so he will have no down time.

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