The continuing career of Albert "Mushroom" Ward:

16 Aug 1916 @ 06h23 Railyard attack at Roulers Junction

I lead the flight with Parsons, Huskisson, and Chadwick accompanying.
We had cumulous cover ranging from 2000 to 5500 feet. The flight was uneventful and we arrived over the target and bombed it successfully returning home un-molested.
We all landed safely and headed directly to the mess for breakfast and a hot coffee.

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16 Aug 1916 @ 14h48 Recon of Troop and Vehicle movement south of Nieuport

Escort of 6 DH.2s from RFC-29 out of Abeele

I lead the flight with Shook, Hervey, and Huskisson accompanying. We had ranging cumulous clouds from 4000 to 7500 feet. We arrived over the recon area and began our circuit but shortly thereafter I spotted what looked like three enemy craft approaching. I did an about face and took the flight west away from the approaching enemy craft and wondering where our escort was. Shortly after I spotted the DH.2s approaching from about 1000 feet above. I did an about face and swung in behind them to continue our recon.sure that the escort would handle the three enemy craft. Boy was I surprised when they sailed on past them. I noticed one EIII trying to swing onto my tail from above and so I swung into him but not fast enough to avoid a burst into my upper port wing. I continued to turn inside him and eventually came onto his tail sending a burst into him and seeing smoke coming from him. I followed a bit until I was sure he was going down and then I swung around to regather the flight. We continued to circle on the recon until one more enemy craft showed up but when I swung into his direction he headed due east and so I terminated the chased and again reformed the flight to continue our recon. Upon completion we headed for home with one suspected enemy craft some distance behind us which we outran. The DH.2s never did return to escort us home. We landed safely. I put in a claim and Shook confirmed it for me as he saw it hit the ground. We all went to the mess for a couple of pre-dinner drinks and to wonder how lucky we were that all three enemy scouts didnt attack us at once and where the hell the escort got to.

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