Fine short report, MFair!

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I was wonering why you hadn't flown recently!
What is krautrock?? Is it different fom other rock types?

Haha, well - the Germans were called "Krauts" by the "Jerries", and when German bands
began to play their own rock music in 1968 or so, the "Jerries" and "Tommies" called
it "Kraut rock". One of the best-known bands may be CAN (although they are not very
typical representatives for "Kraut rock".

Gee, I have finally found the time to fly, and it became my longest mission so far,
with 71 minutes. WOFF even counted the time correctly, as I could see from the Z-key
data, which showed 4263 seconds. Seems the flight time rather goes wrong, when I use
the "Pause" key for screenshots.

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