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I have questions for the 'A' pilots out there:

1) Engine Mixture: How does this work? What's good under what circumstance? Is it altitude based?

2) Bombing missions: Lou's maps are indeed excellent and I've used them to find large things: Cities, the front line. Sometimes it's really hard to tell where 'Railroad junction X' is however. Also, I thought if you were flight leader your team didn't bomb until you told them to. How do you do that with no TAC?

3) 'Dots': I'm getting fairly good at seeing 'dots' coming, but tiny specks that might be airplanes... are still pretty elusive. Any tips for making noticing them easier?

Engine mixture is controlled by Shift + V to lean it out and Shift + F to make it rich. (Ctrl + F or V to push it to the maximum setting).
It is altitude dependent. As you climb you might notice you lose revs on your tachometer. It isn't a very rapid process. By 6000 feet the drop is just about big enough to observe. If you then use Shift+V to lean out your mixture, you will see the revs pick up and then drop off again as you go past the 'sweet spot'. If you go too far you will choke your engine and it will cut out. Your can get it back by using Shift+F to make the mixture a bit richer before your engine looses momentum.

At this point few aircraft go high enough for this to make a big difference, but it gives your engine a bit more power around 10000 feet and when higher altitudes become normal it becomes a necessity.

On bombing missions I identified the rail line that the yard sits on and planned my approach on that. Your flight will drop bombs when you do.

If you are on your own side of the lines, Archie will help spot enemy machines. Otherwise it is hard to spot EA before they are already engaging you. You CAN spot them, but it isn't easy. Look for dots that move relative to their background. Use binoculars (zoom) to check out suspicious ones and you can get the drop on them sometimes.

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