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We have a new pilot - RAF28Jenkins. Welcome! cheers

My thanks Jim!

I'm sorry I hadn't seen this sooner, been quite busy with real world things and once again missed the start of a DiD camp. Better late than never I suppose! old_simmer
Very excited to take part!

I have, finally, an excuse to play committed-ly without aids of any kind. Very excited for the A Level ops! Set out on my first flight early this morning for RFC-15 in the BE2c, date: 7/27/16 smile2
I flirted with the idea of solely using a print-out map for navigation, and finally tried it for the first time using Lou's map.

***TY YOU LOU!***

Worked beautifully.....aside from the 8 minutes or so I got occupied with engine management and taking in the sights, straying off my bearings. It was actually funny realizing landmarks werent making sense and I had to turn around.

Set out from Marieux, Flanders (South) for artillery spotting up on the line. Heading North over Bois de Watron, then SE towards our mission area, just W of German held Bapaume. We arrived (after a minor Detour) and began around spotting from our edge of the front. I was quite excited to discover some white puffs after our third go around, coming from inside our lines, off to the side and below us. Noticing the single Fokker scout, I decided that was enough and took a wide turn South, as to use the Somme River that I knew was somewhere over there to guide me back home. The bugger was determined, and quickly climbed to our altitude and made a pass at my Winger. My observer and his cut lose ( rather conservatively at that ) at the Hun, and he quickly lost taste for the pursuit and turned back towards his own lines.

Was happy to make it back and touch down, 1.27 hours to begin this promising journey.
Thanks for having me mates!

(A quick question, Am I able to fly additional missions on the 27th provied they are given, or must i fly only one and Time advance? I read over the first post rules but Just wanted to make sure I wasn't proceeding incorrectly.)

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