That last tip is important and good, Hasse.
Pol said some time ago, that a sim like this would probably be boring for most simmers
if it was as eventless as real life was often - and I guess he is right there.

But since I am not ashamed to run from a fight (or at least know that nobody can see my shame! biggrin ),
I am surviving even beginning scraps, where we are hopelessly outnumber and "out-aced".

I remember a case where two SPAD VII chased me all the way down from 3000 Meter, and they were really furious.
But at ca. 1000 Meter they decided not to give up all of their height, and let me go.

So, run away more, everybody, and you shall live.
Better a night without sleep from all the shame, than eternal sleep, I say.

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