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That Roland looks beautiful Olham.

My friend JFM made this skin. I have yet to make it more personal.

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How does she fly and how many rounds in the pilots Spandau?

She behaves nicely; no strange characteristics. Heavier than a scout of course.
But if you know her better, you can boom and zoom quite well in her.
The downward view is quite bad. You have to wagg your wings at landing, to check
if the airfield is clear, and then you let her "drop into the field" blind.
But I got used to that quickly.
The rounds I think are 500 - not sure.

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Nice victory.
Did you see he remarks section where it said "improbable, witness was not flying at the time"?

Yes, that came because in the post-flight "Details" board, the first names were not given,
and so I wrote "Hauptmann Baermann".
I'm hoping it will get confirmed. I had such a problem before and wrote "Balloon Troops"
for witness - and it got conbfirmed.

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