Sub flight Ltn. Charles Chatterley returned from the Hospital on the 16th. All flights cancelled for the 17th and 18th but I did get word that a victory was confirmed which made him an ace!
July 19th, Morning patrol. We are to escort 5 BE's on a recon mission to Estrees-en-Chaussee. Close to target our flight leader McKay, goes in to a dive and when I follow we are headed straight for 6 EIII's.
This is what I call a target rich environment! I sent 2 to the deck and then spotted Purdom chasing an HA so I head for him. He sent the HA down in flames. We formed up together and spotted Mckay tangling with the last HA so we joined in. I sent this one down also. Mckay turned west so we all headed back to base with him. A nice day for RAF24!

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