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My apologizes Olham, for giving you a headache.
I'm buying you a beverage of your choice.

Okay - I'll have a huge Mango-Lassi with vanilla ice cream in it!

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Now I think I understand....
The far right column is for Lou's awards for living hours/ staying alive that come in 25 hour increments.
The column to the left of that is for Lou's awards that are similar to the WOFF awards...

...and which were the real life awards of those day. Correct now, MudWasp!

Corsaire, you are flying from La Gorgue? Did you meet Arthur G. Lee yet? MUST fly there with the Pups and Lee and Courtnidge and all the others one day! ...

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Here is a comic from my latest adventures with Kasta 18 (my shooting down of the Strutter is missing completely -
to be honest I was in "white-knuckle & jaw-biting mode" and forget to take screenshots).
Before anyone threatens me to draw me to court for copyright reasons, let me remind you that we used to make
such comics with this same technique and effects already in the old OFF Forum - they might be still there...

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