Johnson enters the tent of Capitain Thenault......

"AH,.....Monsieur, you must be Carporal Johnson. What a pity, we have another "Johnson" here, you both fly the "Bebe". Hopefully we dont mix your records? Eh, well call you Charles Chouteau, by your second name.

Carporal Chouteau, would you pls hand me your logbook over, so I can have a look at your proper qualification?

"Sure, Sir!" Johnson stepped ahead and hand his book:

"Hm, that looks fair enough, and Lt, Triegiers, which is a well known comrade of me, praises you as a formidable airmen. hm, we will see of that later, when you join the afternoon patrol. But thats some hours within, and you will accomodate yourself? And I will show you your plane, but, the servicemen are still fixing it, from its last sortie. Unfortunatly its pilot was not." Thenaults face looked like he has taken a good junk of a lemon.

"As you see the roster, we are a little short of men,so you hop in your gear and check your plane."

Thats all, dismissed!

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