After a somewhat charmed run of 32 sorties without a scratch, Albert Addleson has finally caught a bullet. He is lightly injured, but worse, was forced to land with a dead engine behind enemy lines. He and his observer (also injured) are now under guard in a German hospital. Albert has noticed that security is lax, and is formulating a clever plan to escape.

Below is a link to a video of his downing near Roulers Junction. His flight leader foolishly took the 'bait' of a lone Eindecker over Rumbeke airfield, and then we were caught in a German trap when at least four more EIII's pounced from heights unseen. Stupid Albert (or should I say stupid me) forgot to drop his bombs, and his observer wasn't very alert on the rear gun until it was too late. The dead-engine glide is brutal to watch, as three Eindeckers riddle us with bullets all the way down.

Video Link