OK, I think I get it. Just flew a mission with lots of grey. As I was not leading all I had to do was follow but kept op with where we were by catching glimpses here and there. After a furball,I was totally separated and alone with no bearing what so ever. Climbed in what I hoped was a straight line until I broke through enough to see the sun. Knowing "about" where I was, set off in the direction of home until time and speed said I should be getting close. Then dropped out of the clouds until I could see the ground, which my guess wa a few hundred ft. Found observation balloon next to a town and wood so I knew I was at Veurne. Turned left for a few minutes and there was Furnes.
As usual I stand corrected. I know this mission does not have anything to do with DID. Just wanted to prove Scout's and Lou's point. yep So did I do it right gents?

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