Olham, once again on the dots-topic. I use them, as said before, and dont use much aids apart of them and the inflight map. I feel more living in the sim now, with partly better situational awareness but without use of the TAC, wich is has always been an immersion killer for me. For me the dots do enhance the realism, because with a trained fighter eye you are able to see the E/A much earlier than they are easily visible on a computer screen (at least without zooming in too much...), and the dots level this a little bit.

I can absolutely live to be set to B-realism scale using them, though. I simply think limiting the dots-range to 4000 meters is not neccessary. For sure one will overlook some aircraft behind this range, those birds were small, camouflaged mostly, it happened in RL even at very short ranges, that nobody was aware of the others presence. But the birds are not invisible behind 4000 meters.
I would therefore appreciate to be able to stretch that range a little bit, lets say to 6-7000 meters. How much of this range the player uses should be to his own liking. I do even switch the mode off completely most of the time, and switch it on occasionaly to have a glance. By switching dots on and off one can simulate better or poorer eyesight/conditions/awareness.

My thoughts only.