With some delay, here come the latest "DiD Campaign Chart" as well as the update for our fallen pilots' stone.

Robert, congratulations for crossing the 50 hour mark - you are only the second pilot to achieve that.
Also to your promotion to Squadron Commander - I guess you will live up to it.
The promotion is not yet in the chart though - next time.
Herzlichen Glckwunsch!

RAF28Jenkins and MFair, congratulations for reaching the 25 hours - well done, boys!

Bucksnort's Achille Coppens is our first Belgian pilot in the "DiD Campaign" - welcome, Achille!

And with LtCasey's new pilot we welcome our first American - he has yet to fly under the French flag,
until the Americans will join the war officially.

Seeing 6 wounded pilots again, I want to repeat my advice - concentrate your energy and awareness
on survival. You will only be able to serve your country long, if you return alive and well from each sortie.
The war will be much longer, and there will be many more chances for heroic deeds. Take care, boys!

Vice-President of the BOC (Barmy OFFers Club)
Member of the 'Albatros Aviators Club' - "We know how to die with Style!"