July29, Dawn Patrol.
2 machines for this flight. Recy front lines near Diksmuide. I lead our flight to target with no contact. Lots of our chaps in the air. Lost sight of Newbury before heading home and have no idea what happened to him. Returned to field. On approach my oil pressure goes to nothing and I cut the engine and glide to a fine landing. Report is that Newbury and his Observer were both killed in a crash. No details.

July 29, Afternoon Patrol.
3 machines. Bombardment spotting southeast of Messines. CO says this is a special assignment. Make target without incident. No contact, no archie, no nothing. This is a fine day. Head back and land without any trouble at 1500 hrs. I believe we have time to make a trip into town and see the ladies. Hope our spotting did the chaps in the trenches some good.

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