Thank you, Lou, for the details on compasses - that was good help for making a decision.
We keep it as it is: the true A-LEVEL only gives the pilot, what WOFF gives them.
For all who cannot live (or better: fly) without a compass, there are still LEVEL B or C.

I must say, the compass never helped me much anyway. Cause, when I still knew vaguely where
I was, the landmarks helped me much better.
And when I am totally lost, it wouldn't help much to know that I am heading west, when I don't
even know if I am west or east of the point I want to reach.

In WOFF, the clouds or hazes are never so overall, that a compass would be useful;
and if you fly above a covering cloud ceiling, you have the sun.

One more thing for all A-LEVEL pilots:
you may know already, that you don't always have to land at your home field.
So, when you are short of fuel, or when you are not sure, which airfield below is your home field,
then you may as well put down anywhere else - as long as it's not on the enemy side of the line.

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