Congrats on 25 victories Robert. I've been very short on time lately yet I've been following this thread with only enough time to read, but rarely comment or add to it all. I've been putting much effort into sweat equity home improvement and in working on my investment portfolio (so I can put together the best gaming rig known to man). yep

I continued to be impressed with how many pilots are having long careers and are still on their first pilot. If not for a faulty Le Rhne well over Hunland I'd still be on my first pilot as well but that's the way it went for many pilots in the war so I can appreciate the authenticity of it. I'm 10 flights in on Basil Calderwood and he has 2 victories to his credit. I'm loving the DH2 and just getting used to her idiosyncrasies.

Well done lads and keep up the good work.