(This is only a thought, not an attempt to have the rules modified... smile2)

I've seen in the rules you must enter at a low rank (Sgt/Vizefeldwebel) and select "Lead by rank", which means you will have to top a good number of missions before being able to lead a flight.

Although this is more historical, I prefer in my own campaigns entering with a higher rank (Lt) and "Always lead". Flying in Rick's challenges have confirmed me in this way :

- as low rank you might have an older plane and you're not able to keep up with the flight (N17 / N23 in the RFC 60) 2 missions I lost them and had to RTB.
- you have to do the boring "turn and climb to altitude" script when the AI pilots are as blind as during the landing script (I had enemy planes crossing our path 200m lower than us and noone moved) When I lead I skip waypoints with shift-W to point directly to the mission hotspot and choose my own path and altitude. (Sometimes altitude set at the briefing can take you above the clouds layer for an artillery support flight and you cannot see the ground.)
- AI leaders stick to the briefing waypoints, when sometimes another path would be smarter (like flying across enemy territory to rejoin a patrol station when it would be smarter to stay on your own side and fly along the front)
- they sometimes take strange decisions like aborting a mission for no apparent reason (except going to the crapper as someone pointed out...)and landing on the closest airfield.

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