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Today WOFF wanted to send me on a solo mission in my DH2 behind enemy lines with no escort. Suicide! I tried to get a different mission but without success. Of course I was the flight leader, so set off as per usual but as I reached the lines did a ctrl-R and went happily back to base. No questions were asked. Now the date has moved to the 27th so I'll have to wait until tomorrow before fying again.

I have also put in a request for transfer to no 70 squadron which is (I think) the only RFC squadron with the 1 Strutter at this time.
Is this a good idea? The DH2 worries me a bit but it is easy to land.... I now have 21.75 hours.

When Albert bites the dust I will have a go at a B level pilot. I am already using Lou's maps instead of the in-sim maps. Maybe this makes me a C+ pilot instead of a C? I suppose that if I rename the in-sim .dds map to something else the 'M' key will not work? That would take away the temptation of hitting the 'M' when lost mycomputer

Jim, Congratulations on still being alive. The Strutter is a very nice kite. For now. Easy to fly and it can outclass the EIII. Having an observer in the back to help out does not hurt either. Not as manuverable as the DH2 but not bad, After flying, (and dying!) for a few weeks without aids I did a little QC with llabels and such. It just was not the same. I cannot see myself going back. But thats just me.

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