Hi Mfair, I fly FE2b's as a gunner in DID so far. Strangely enough I previously flew a BE2 in Campaign in 1915 and nothing much happened. The DID campaign in June 1916 is tougher so I joined in RFC18 flying FE2bs. As a useless pilot I am relying on the AI pilot who seems to be better than I could be (mostly)

But I did have a problem in one sortie when I could not get back from the rearward-looking observer's seat so I could not fly the plane. I eventually 'ditched' in the sea somewhere! I do tend to have this thing where I cannot get back to the pilot's seat for some reason...

But overall the sim is wonderful and I do not call it a game. What ganm would have me flying along happily one minute and frightened to death the next?

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