nbryant, I hope that we will have some action "Reports from the Front" with the campaign,
where the flyers will report of their last missions in short notes. These reports could
show the dates for each mission, and we would also read, how others are doing.
For the chart, I'll think about your proposal.

Scout, I'll check that again - I changed it several times, to find a calculation that raises
the points for ENDURANCE for fliers with fewer sorties, but the same or more hours.
I may have forgotten to change the text.

CatKnight, the DiD Campaign will all be about careful, rather defensive flying; about survival.
Not seeing enemies who DON'T attack you, will also mean less chance that you spot and attack them;
so less risk. Of course, our necks will develop some good muscles from all the six-checking.
Imagine you were there, in the real 1916 or 1917 air combat - it would all be a huge risk to fly at all.
I'd like to see, how we would realise that.

My best advice: forget about victories - fly as if you could be really killed.
Shoot when it is absolutely safe to attack. Then you MAY live another day.
Some may find a flying like that boring - they may learn that it isn't.

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