capture screen

Morning Run: Up to the lines. The Sqn seems to have a live and let live attitude lately. Passed over a 2 a/c flight of Huns as we crossed the lines then turned home under 5 Av Recon 1000ft higher than us. seehearspeak Added to the insult 3 Enemy Scouts off to port flew passat about 1 NM. I broke formation hoping to sneak up on 1 Fokker E-III. It didn't work, he was on to me took 5 hits since my gunner Froze didn't fire a shot just sat there. Dove added powder and ran for home as 5 more bullets hit the wing as my frozen gunner looked ahead. I spotted and Flew over a Troop emplacement that got him to turn for home. RTB and filed for a transfer to 70 Sqn.

Afternoon: Patrol 2 a/c. My Power plant gave up as we reached the lines. I put her down on a road between Telegraph poles and a long nasty Aeroplane hateful looking fence.

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