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The continuing career of Albert "Mushroom" Ward:

21 Jul 1916 @ 13h30 Railyard Attack on Roulers Junction

Parsons Lead the flight with Booker, Soar, Myself and Huskisson accompanying. A Flight sent three additional Strutters to bomb the target. The flight was uneventful until we bombed the target zone. Four out of our five Strutters had multiple hits on the target with much damage. Soon after the bombing run we made quick haste towards our lines. I spotted to enemy craft at some distance behind us but we were able to outrun them. We had a good dose of Hun flak on our return and upon landing my strutter and Soars both landed successfully but as we came to a stop both craft tipped onto their port side so I guess we have to have a stern talk with the runway maintenance crew. Nobody was hurt in the landing and we did considerable damage to the railyard.

YouTube Video:

Robert, the most thing I do admire of your flying, are your landings, smooth, skilled! Great Job!

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