Private Journal of Artemus Burroughs

11 July 1916:

Morning sortie was a patrol of the front lines NE of Lens. Uneventful excepting when Wilkinson had to drop out early due to a dud engine. He managed to land safely at La Bellevue so no worries.

Afternoon sortie B flight was sent to knock down an enemy sausage SE of Guillemont. I question the wisdom of the brass hats at HQ as there were no less than three Hun obs balloons all within a mile or so of each other. As flat as the terrain is in that area I dont see how knocking out the middle of the three balloons is going to make any difference in the Huns ability to see what were up to. None the less I led my flight and lit up the gas bag. On our return trip I spotted five Eindeckers well above us and it became apparent in short order that they intended to come down to play. As it was only Prothero and Wood accompanying me, and given the Huns alt advantage, we had our hands quite full. Wood was out of the fight almost immediately due to a very good pass by the lead Hun on him. That left us with 5 to 2 odds. I knocked one down in my first turn and lined up on another who quickly wheeled about and ran. Got into a go-round with two more. I managed to send one spinning down OOC at which point the other scampered off. With the threats gone I counted us lucky and Prothero and I headed back home. Spotted Wood on the ground just west of Fricourt and he gave us a wave to show hed made it down in one piece. Landed back at camp and put in a claim on the obs balloon, (bloody stupid target to have to go after I still say), and chalked up a pair of Einies to boot. Prothero claimed an EA as well so all-in-all a good outing.


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Three RFC Brass Hats were strolling down a street in London. Two walked into a bar, the third one ducked.

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